In a storm

The trees bend in their waving dance,
it is a storm that makes them grow.
It is my chance to be like trees
when I’m in storms so much like these,
and, as those branches, I won’t break,
I shall be stronger. I can take.


Comments on: "In a storm" (15)

  1. Short and sweet and deep,

    I love this Ina, we may bend almost to breaking point sometimes but the trees are our example of inner strength. 🙂

    Look after yourself

    Love and hugs xx

  2. Very nice Ina. I like your brevity here,

  3. Hurricanes in Miami will shape you for sure.

  4. I could feel the wind as I read this. Always lovely to read new verses from you. Hope the eyes are better

    • Thank you! I suppose it is a drafty poem lol!
      My sight is blurry but I have good hope that the surgery will improve it. I just hang on to that!

  5. To bend but not break is the secret to life. Very poetic poem Ina.

  6. To be – a tree…

  7. ‘it is a storm that makes them grow … ‘

    This is so true, if not always comfortable. Nature is the great mentor, isn’t it? Lovely poem, Ina.

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