Washed ashore for no reason

Looking for a meaning,
I found there is no message behind the sign,
no reason for coinciding events,
as nothing can be done;
it is what we see in it,
but there is no meaning, none.

So there is no value.
Still, the red balloon I found that washed ashore,
whomever sent it flying over sea,
its purpose not revealed:
it is what I saw in it,
and what to me appealed.


Comments on: "Washed ashore for no reason" (10)

  1. This red balloon was destined to be immortalized through your words… hugs xoxo

  2. This well-crafted poem gives the red balloon meaning and purpose. I really like this, Ina!

  3. It appealed to me too Ina. Good poem.

  4. The message the red balloon carried was the poem it inspired in the finder.

    Lovely poem


  5. I love this, Ina – your practical nature teased by that wondering and metaphoric side, your poetic side … and coming to a very subjective certainty:
    ‘it is what I saw in it,
    and what to me appealed.’
    How that speaks to the choices we make, for our lives and creativity!

    • Hi Diane, thank you very much for this beautiful comment. I admire the way you can say things so well! xx

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