Suspended phase

My gait is now not touching ground,
a moment long I’m more than genes insist,
between the gravity and reason I am free,
suspended is my phase, the summit of my run.
What birds can take for granted, now is mine
a fraction of a second’s twist,
not much, almost enough to fly.

It’s in these particles of time
I see the truth of what may lie ahead
but after landing, all has left the mind;
the phase is over where the feet meet soil.
No more am I a bird, detached from Earth.
My body, now a chunk of lead,
feels as I’m just about to die.

Forgotten thoughts are leaving fast
and newer ones emerge by every move.
A run is feast for what’s oblivious:
between the body and the soul seems air.
I needed time to contemplate this life
in fractions of my body, prove
to myself: almost enough am I.

I should not be on the computer but this poem wanted to be here 🙂


Comments on: "Suspended phase" (16)

  1. Marvelous. Good to see something from you. Be well.

  2. “I should not be on the computer but this poem wanted to be here” – works for me.

  3. Well your visit to allow us to see this poem was well worth your while!

    I will have to read it again to understand it fully. I don’t usually need to do this with your poems but this seems very complex and deserves a further read to digest it properly.

    You are quite an inspiration to me being able to come up with such a lovely poem while you are struggling in many ways. Well done and do keep looking after yourself 🙂

    With lots of L&H

    Christine xx

  4. And a terrific poem it is too.

    But now, behave yourself – your health is much more important than being on here!!


  5. Ina, this is a magnificent poem, but I agree with David, behave yourself–your health is much more important than being on here!

    They syntax of this poem, though, is as good as you have achieved in English so far.
    What birds can take for granted, now is mine
    a fraction of a second’s twist,
    not much, almost enough to fly.
    What a magnificent thought! Plus, the whole idea that small slices of time help us prove who we are even when we are facing difficult challenges with our bodies is a powerful, if somewhat complex, thought. This is really, really good work.

  6. I’m more than pleased to see a sign that your eye problem is at least in abeyance. As always the poem provides a feast of contemplation

  7. Thank you every one. These wonderful comments really mean a lot to me, as I am trying to catch up with everyone and I can’t read all blogs at the moment, which gives me a huge guilty consience. I am getting used to this limited vision and today I did a lot, even worked on my novel, but I’ll be glad when this problem is fixed! I want to read everything you all write! xx

  8. Don’t feel guilty! You mustn’t! We will all still be here and you need to take care of your eyes first and foremost.

    Love and big hugs xx

  9. Ina, this is another great poem, so rich with meaning. I’m glad you posted it! But as others have said, take care of yourself (and your eyes!) and don’t feel guilty for being behind in reading blogs. (I’m behind too these days – it’s good to be catching up with YOU!)

  10. Wonderful poem Ina. My doctor also claims I’m overdoing it if I write too many poems! He doesn’t object if the poems are about him!
    Be well ♥ Res

  11. Thank you for the comments and for understanding! (Still catching up lol)

  12. Deep and searching words Ina – your lovely vision is inner but your sight is also needed – please protect it fully until completely healed…

  13. I know it! Those moments of flying through life, with winged thoughts and inspirations; then down to earth again – all this reality that weighs us down and tries to limit our possibilities.

    I especially love this line: ‘between the body and the soul seems air’

    Please take care of your eyes (I sound like my mother, for I am having trouble seeing to do all the data entry I am being loaded with at work in bad light, well, fluorescent light right above my computer which is the worst! And my bosses not sympathetic, with $’s filling their eyes and hardening their hearts.)

    Lovely to have you posting, but do so in moderation until your eyes are ready for more. Love and hugs, Diane♥

    • Hi Diane, that moment of being almost like a bird, wow lol.
      I am taking care, but until the surgery, it is just annoying that my vision sucks. 🙂 And your mother is right! You watch out for that fluorscent light! Eyes are precious!
      Love and hugs ♥

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