Waves come rolling, gulls are unaware of me.
This beach has everything to remember
and looking for you, I find you right there.

The colour of your eyes, that is the sea.
I feel no cold although it is November.
And besides: I am your child. I don’t go anywhere.

You lifted me in your strong arms one day,
that is the best part that will linger on,
the image of you as my father, then.

I hear the sea that tells me not to stay,
using your voice, although you are long gone
from when alive and still a healthy man.

I should move on and know the waves don’t care
that I feel better when they treat me nice
instead of ordering me that I must go.

But I’m your child, I won’t go anywhere
because the sea reminds me of your eyes
and I do miss your arms around me so.


Comments on: "Father" (4)

  1. What a wonderful tribute to you father. It reveals him as both authorative and loving, like the sea. Just adore these lines:
    ‘I hear the sea that tells me not to stay,
    using your voice, although you are long gone…’

    • Hi Diane, thank you very much (sorry I am so late) I think I didn’t really know him very well , I don’t think he ever put his arm around my shoulder btw, and I must have given him some grey hairs growing up, but I do miss him.

      • My father was like that. The only time I really remembering him hugging me (and very tight) was when I was leaving to go back to England after a visit. I never saw him again, as he died about six months later. I think he knew. And like you, I do miss him – he was a volatile man, but one of great ideas and strong principles. XO

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