My Summer dream

It was a mood I had a while ago,
when nights were warm, sheets moving in a breeze
that brought in scents of flowers so exquise,
I just let my imagination flow.

A violin played somewhere in the street,
a slow and tender tune that filled my mind
with dreams of happiness and love, the kind
that all our weary minds in darkness need.

They mingled with the laughter of the night,
I was in greener fields I’d ever seen,
or climbing mountains where I’d never been,
while all around me everything was bright.

The morning greeted me with rain and cold,
and lesser joy than in my dreams was told.

not sure this is a sonnet…


Comments on: "My Summer dream" (4)

  1. It is. It’s also quite evocative. Maybe one or two parts could do with a tweak, but if you have said what you wanted to say the way you wanted to say it, then job done! πŸ™‚


    • Hi kvennarad
      thank you very much! I would be pleased to tweak if I knew where to do it lol. πŸ™‚

      • I think it’s lines 10 and 11 – the grammar doesn’t quite work for me. Sorry about this – I’ve just spent the last year editing a sonnet anthology and I’m finding it difficult to look at sonnets other than with my editor’s hat on!

  2. Meter: iambic pentameter, five beats per line (counts out well by me)
    Rhyme scheme: abba, cddc, effe, gg
    14 Lines, include ending couplet

    “My Summer Dream” is a beautiful sonnet, Ina…

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