I fear the shrinking of the days,
the light that’s fading sooner every day.
Colder nights approach me in my home,
and make me shiver in so many ways.

I shall remember better days of warmth
while Winter grey and mist surround me tight.
November when the lamp is on all hours,
till it’s Spring, all’s dead, no colours and no flowers too.

So until then I wait for sparks of light,
a candle shiver on a Christmas eve,
a star, a lighthouse beam, a smile,
and once a while a letter sent by you.


Comments on: "September" (20)

  1. Beautiful approach to the dark. But I have to admit I love the cooler weather (it’s a big relief here in Philly!)

  2. Love this Ina. It mirrors just how I feel. Although the summer here has been poor, we still have the light long days and the warmth. We have to make our own light in the winter with warm conversation and as you say smiles and that ‘letter from you’ 🙂 love this poem and all it says xx

    • Hi Christine
      we had the same kind of Summer I think, it started late and we had just one day with 30 Celsius but we had some beautiful sunny days too, and it really made me feel good to be outside. Not looking forward to grey days! You are right, we will have to make our own light! xx

  3. I like the dark and cold. Hey this is, drip, Miami, whew.

  4. lovely poem, Ina.. Fall is arriving soon.
    groetjes, Francina

  5. I’m with you Ina – already in Vancouver the dark is earlier and the temperatures are dropping. Despite the brilliant fall colours and a continued sunny spell I feel winter approaching. My thoughts turn to Mexico where I escape the dark, dank and grey west coast winters. As the years go by I long for the heat and sun more and more. I do love the autumn with all of its melancholy and golden leaves but, like summer it is all too short…

    • That is a good idea, go to Mexico for the Winter! I know people who go to Portugal for the same reason.
      Heater is already on, coat needed, and everything is depressingly grey. I like the colours of Fall (they will come later on) but not the lost and harsh feeling this season gives me. Yuck. I like Spring!

  6. That is very nice Ina.

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