After all

In the end,
after all of the drama,
the night did now silence,
the town tried to sleep
and we were together.

We, the battered,
in this salty morning mist,
you and me, facing the cliff,
where I reached for your hand,
afraid I would fall.

I wanted to live.

You took it.
We had nothing to say.
What else could have mattered.

The sun came and shone
on our skin and our hair
through every layer
of yesterday’s grey.


Comments on: "After all" (9)

  1. I love the simplicity of the lines, and directness of the feelings in this Ina.

    • Hi John, thank you very much. This was about a very strange night, many years ago, the cliff in fact was the top of a high bunker in the dunes (but somehow that needed too much explanation in this poem so I used the word cliff. We don’t have cliffs here.) and battered were our souls from quarreling. Two human interacting, it makes poetry lol.

  2. Deeply moving Ina – the simple touch of a hand can reunite and bring back the light…

  3. ‘you and me, facing the cliff,
    where I reached for your hand’

    Sometimes, that’s all it takes. Quite lovely, Ina.

  4. What a wonderful, romantic poem, Ina. Sometimes the quiet after the storm is the best time.

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