The sweetest / het liefste

Sweeter I can’t do
even if I should,
sweeter isn’t in my skills.
I can love you very much though
but sweeter I can’t do.

this I wrote in Dutch first then translated

Liever lukt me niet
ook al zou het moeten,
liever heb ik niet in huis.
Ik kan wel heel veel van je houden,
maar liever lukt me niet.


Comments on: "The sweetest / het liefste" (9)

  1. I’m glad you gave us the Dutch original, Ina. I’ve read it though several times, hoping to approximate the correct pronunciation (for which I thought about the voices of my Dutch friends) and even if I’ve got that wrong I can still recognise the musicality in the vowels and the alliteration of consonants. It sounds beautiful!

    • Hi John
      thank you very much. How great you tried it in Dutch! I can imagine the difficulty in reading it for you, if I remember how to do the voice-post thing, I will put it here 🙂

  2. Wonderful words…

  3. I love this, Ina! So few words to express so much of who you are, full of truthfulness and loyalty.

    • Hi Diane, thank you very much. 🙂 I think at times that I should be sweeter, it is just not in me I suppose.

  4. Sweeter, I suspect, is not my strength either, but I hope I know how to love. What a great poem!

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