Nachten sleepten zich door uren
en je kwam niet
Ochtenden vermist in dagen
ik stond bij de hoge golven
en je kwam niet
Ook niet toen de zee kalmeerde
Je bleef uit herinneringen
nachten dagen en weer nachten
maar pas toen ik van je dood vernam,
sliep ik echt.

Night dragging on through hours
and you didn’t show
Mornings missed in days
I stood near the high waves
and you didn’t show
not even when the sea calmed down
You stayed out of memories
nights days and again nights
but only after hearing of your death
I really slept.


Comments on: "Ik vind rust nu / Finding peace now" (10)

  1. Hearing a poem read aloud is always a new and wonderful experience. No matter how many times it happens.

  2. So very sad – missing and then death – symbolic or real I am with you in this…

  3. So enjoyed hearing you read this, Ina; so nice to have a voice to put to your wonderful writing and spirit. The poem itself is very poignant, very true of the waiting for a connection we long for but are never able to actually make.

    ‘You stayed out of memories
    nights days and again nights
    but only after hearing of your death
    I really slept.’

  4. The times waiting to confront the final reality of death and the time after is always difficult. We wait and wait… but what does the waiting mean? For a long time I was reluctant to post the sonnets I wrote waiting for Kevin, our son’s, death, but I was glad I did. There is something healing in being serious sometimes and facing the questions in life and death. I deeply appreciate that you wrote this, Ina, and am even happier that you posted it so that I could read it.

    • Hi Thomas
      thank you so much, and I love those sonnets. They are very moving.
      Death of a dear one is not always the end perhaps. It might also be a beginning of a newer understanding and valuation of life? And I agree, it is good to be serious once in a while.

  5. prachtig gedicht, Ina 🙂
    groetjes, Francina

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