Meeting again

I saw him when he was already dead a while
so he apologized for being smelly
and he didn’t take a seat, nor coffee
for apparent reasons, I didn’t need to ask.

We talked a bit about what went on in life
and then he left, walked out the door.
So stupid that I forgot to ask his address
and where about he does hang out these days.


Comments on: "Meeting again" (16)

  1. Brilliant! One of your best.

  2. Certainly gave it a third and fourth read. Esp thought provoking for me as find out Friday mother has but a few weeks to live. Both parents had lived with me last 10 years.

  3. This is quite surreal – a new departure I think, Ina? It’s both funny and black.

  4. I love the hirpling delivery of the last two lines, and the whole damn metaphor.

  5. Beautifully enigmatic. . I don’t know if you are published or not, but I hope you are

  6. A rather matter-of-fact mystical experience … so you, Ina! LIke it very much.

  7. A missed opportunity for the answer to the big secret…

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