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Dealing while dreaming

You look at me with questions so intense
of matters known, those not to be put lightly
in logic places. Do not try reason.
Feelings, ghosts without a mating season
of their own, let’s deal with them in nightly
hours, dreaming, while our minds never make sense.



I feel you and your thoughts float into mine.
a woven cloth are we together then,
you know exactly of my what and when,
our threads of thoughts may always intertwine.

I hold back nothing, when we are alone,
you open up, there are no guessing games,
we watch the birds without knowing their names,
to us the only meaning is their tone.

We try to keep togetherness and such,
when often you and I are far apart,
too far to feel the beating of your heart
too far to say you matter to me much.

We cherish every moment that we got
together, when we are, and when we’re not.

What the verb meant

We rose that day and nothing was the same
the light to start with had a different name,
the smell had altered in the bedroom air
as we had done it, there and everywhere.

Since we had done it, there and everywhere,
you called us lovers, both, and that seemed fair.
We rose together, nothing was the same,
we knew the meaning of the verb: we came.


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