What will stay

What will stay with me most when you are gone:
a whisper on a Winter’s day in snow,
your eyes when you make love to me perhaps,
or how you waved your hand when you would go.

The music that you listened to at nights,
the presence of your body next to mine,
some holidays, some days when we both cried,
the fights we had, the crossing of the line.

No. None of those things will be on my mind,
I shall not want to think of them at all.
What will stay with me after you are gone,
is darkness, staring at an empty wall.

Don’t go before I go as well from here,
your absence is the only thing I fear.

Just a little update: My poem “Tragedy” that I posted here in April, (about a cat falling out of a tree) will be in an anthology called Animal Antics 2012, available in September. The book will be in libraries across the UK and Northern Ireland as well. 🙂 I am pleased.


Comments on: "What will stay" (8)

  1. I imagine one may feel this way about a soul mate. But would you not want to retain in mind what you may of parents, close friends, a sibling or even a child that may pre decease you? I do have some bitterness over loved ones that have passed because even though the way of things is our mortality I still feel cheated and robbed but I don’t want my memories to evaporate even though I must let go to some degree.

    • Hi Carl,
      Of course rememberance is essential, this was just a thought on how it would be to loose my beloved. Mortality sucks.

  2. Ina, another beautiful, poignant, loving poem!
    (Sorry, I’m once again behind on reading your latest poems but will try to catch up soon.)
    Congratulations on the publication of the poem about the cat!! 🙂

    • Hi Betty, thank you very much!
      I too have many blogs yet to visit! lol there is not enough time in a day! 🙂

  3. I love your honesty … truly, it is hard to think of being without those we love so! Hopefully you will both live long lives together.

    Cogratulations on the poem published in Animal Antics — Looking forward to the anthology!

    PS Sorry for the brevity … and sometimes just Likes … because of novel editing, am pressed for time, but have enjoyed, as always, catching up on your posts.

    • Hi Diane, thank you very much!

      I can imagine you have a lot of work rereading everything, the result has to be perfect! 🙂

  4. Ina. Another remarkable poem. Again your words convey the deepest of human emotion and longing. The opening stanza said it all.

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