I can take words for granted,
put them on my shelf
for dusty years to come
and forget they ever popped up.

Some words however
linger on the table,
I find them under the sofa
and in the fridge
next to the orange juice.

I need to do something
with words like that
or get flummoxed.
So there.


Comments on: "Flummoxed" (8)

  1. Laughing out loud first thing in the morning is good.

    Thank you for that


    • Hi David, well good morning!

      I am glad it provided a laugh 🙂 Actually, you were the one who taught me this word during a book launch, as it is in the poem “Self Portrait” in your last book 🙂 Thanks for explaining the word! I hope to learn many more from your work!

      Arohanui 🙂

  2. This reads really well, and naturally… And completely lacking in flummoxedness… so there! Fine stuff!

    • Hi Brian
      thank you very much! I am glad it is not a flummoxed poem 🙂 Thank you for your visit here!

  3. Haven’t heard the word ‘flummoxed’ for many years … since I lived in England. Love this!

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