Last eve I stood on a garden snail
by accident it was,
I felt the cracking of its shell,
it died,
and all my fault it was.

At night a mosquito drank my blood
but I don’t think the two events
are related much.


Comments on: "I stood on a garden snail" (10)

  1. Love your writing, Ina.

  2. You should perhaps send this to Jamie.
    He, after all, has written a whole book of snail poems!!!

    And it made me smile


    • πŸ™‚ Hi David

      I thought about it, but if he likes snails very much, he might be upset!

      I am glad it made you smile.

      Arohanui πŸ™‚

  3. It made me smile too Ina – but I’m sure there’s a deep philosophical thesis in this also!

  4. Every action causes a reaction. I hope your carelessness does not cause a blizzard or earth quake here in Miami.

  5. Action and consequence … sometimes, just accidental! (Oh, and I hate the sound of a snail crunching under my foot …)

    • Hi Diane
      yes, it is horrible, sometimes they do survive though, without the shell. Anyway, they get eaten by the birds! It is no picnic being snail!

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