A tree

This tree just started life
and will be here perhaps
when mine is over
and it will know the warmth of Summers
that I shall never see,
feel the frost in every vein in Winters.
Why care for this tree?

This tree will be here
when we have long perished
and it’s leaves will blow over our graves.
By then, have we known love at all,
not just words, a silly feel of danger?
Or were our lives wasted?
Why care for a stranger?

It doesn’t matter to the tree
if it knew me or not
and I too must let go
of thoughts and this earth,
go on to where it slips,
accept you were merely polite
when you kissed my lips.


Comments on: "A tree" (12)

  1. I have planted a few palm trees from seed and they a over 40 feet tall now. I don’t live there any more. But they do.

  2. Lovely poem Ina, I like the analogy to a tree and how perhaps our own expectations are too much.

  3. Ina, I love this – looking at the “big picture” of it all – the tree that will be here after we’re gone. It puts our lives into meaningful perspective – and how we must treasure these present moments, the people we meet and love, whether or not the relationships are lasting doesn’t matter. Much to think about!!

  4. A lovely poem with truth grained into its bark and core, Ina. The way your are patterning the logic of your poetry is interesting lately. It is an effective technique that you are in the process of perfecting. In the longer perspective of a tree I suppose our love does not mean so much, but there is, as you say, importance to us and those who we love, the sum of our meaningful day to day universe, in how we live our lives. I glory in your tree, and the life it represents. May it shade you into tomorrow with a glad heart, but I also know that at my age 20 years is forever, and I may not see twenty more years. In fact, given my family’s history, it is unlikely that I will see so much time. But being here and writing this to you is still important. Having coffee with Ethel in the early morning is as important to me as anything could possibly be in life. So I celebrate another excellent poem.

    • Hi Thomas
      Thank you very much!
      Forever seems to linger in moments I think, or maybe the importance of those moments. I am very grateful that you wrote this to me, to me it is important too. I hope you will be around for a long time! And I wish you lots of early morning coffees with Ethel! πŸ™‚

  5. Beautiful analogy. So much warmth and longing in this lifetime. And a kiss can remain forever.

  6. Hi Ina! Sorry it’s taken me a while to get to your posts again (the edit of my novel finally arrived and so that is keeping me busy…)

    I love the perspective of this. I really felt the first stanza in my heart. What we do on this earth matters and yet doesn’t. I love the calm acceptance of the last line. Once again, beautiful writing!

    • Hi Diane, thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog, I am very pleased with your comments! I can imagine you are busy with the editing phase! Good luck!

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