As the clouds grow bigger over my head
I sit down, watch how the spectacle floats,
the shades changing from snow to those of lead,
watch faces transform into jumping goats.

I write on white spots in fadingly blue
that are taken by the wind over sea,
watch them grow, to grey and black towards you
where my words will be raining, endlessly.


Comments on: "Clouds" (16)

  1. Lovely poem, i have just wrote one about clouds as well šŸ™‚ not as good as yours.

    I would love you to post more on poets corner.

    • Hi Harry, thank you. šŸ™‚ Hey who says yours isn’t better…
      I would love to post more on your blog, but I am trying to get a new book published, and that means I can’t publish them anywhere else right now…

  2. Hi Ina. I just returned from the beach. And lots of clouds. It was beautiful. I have a post entitled “The Last Moment (A Setting Sun Remix) that have some clouds, sea and beach. I think you will like the piece and poem. Plus a video entitled Tybee Island. I am going to spend the morning catching up with your poems.

  3. Beautiful sentiments Ina.

  4. Very effect use clouds/imagery as the dynamic of expression

  5. Very beautiful, Ina!

  6. Francina said:

    very beautiful poem, Ina.. groetjes, Francina

  7. Cloud gazing, star gazing, seeing goats dancing in the sky over waves that roll like whales toward a shining black rock shore… May your words rain endlessly into the reaches of time, Ina.

  8. I could see you writing there on the beach, Ina … everyone else abandoning it as the clouds roll in and darken, your words and the rain mingling. Beautiful!

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