The City

On a big screen
placed on the wall of the Carriageworks theatre
the people of Leeds can see the Olympic torch
as it is carried and welcomed with cheers
throughout the region.

The square is empty though.
Just a Japanese man and me
have taken seat on a bench
and we watch the golden owls of the Civic Hall
watch the screen without a blink.

He knows a nice haiku about owls
if I am interested
but just when he starts, in Japanese,
rain is starting to fall.

I listen, get wet, more confused
when he wipes tears from his eyes,
I seek for shelter.
Golden owls, the screen
and the homesick tourist remain
on the Millenium Square,
belonging there.
The City.


Comments on: "The City" (8)

  1. The cities hold so many moments, dreams, memories in their squares, in their monuments.

  2. I love this poem,

    You capture so well the feelings which that particular space can evoke.

    I have never understood why they put a big screen there!!!



    • πŸ™‚ Hi David
      thank you! I hope your weather is like it is here πŸ™‚
      I think the screen was for the football event?
      Arohanui πŸ™‚

  3. A beautiful picture, Ina. The idea also catches the city, the man who knows a haiku meeting a stranger who does not know his language, but who is willing to listen as rain starts to fall, the big screen, and the buildings themselves. All is confusion, but order. Great poem.

  4. You are such a master at sharing these stranger encounters in your writing, Ina. I love this, a little experience that seems to change nothing except it is rather remarkable.

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