It’s there

Detect my hidden love for you,
look for it, dare to find,
it is not hidden all that well,
just peek over my fence,
kill all the dragons,
call me by my name.
Open me. Just crack my shell.

Skin be between our flesh,
words come between our thinking.
I cry through layers of grief
and my sound is smothered by
what culture asks of me.

Find me through layers,
dig deeper and search well
in mazes, and in mist
and everywhere,
and like you do,
I shall. I shall,
and find, as it is there.


Comments on: "It’s there" (20)

  1. my sound is smothered by
    what culture asks of me.

    Yes , seems we no longer own ourselves in this world even in democracies(alleged).

  2. Hi Carl
    we have to adjust to what is desired perhaps. Not always easy! 🙂

  3. Nice one Ina.

  4. Ah, I’m so envious of this lucky hidden love and grateful to you for sharing this lovely poem with us all. Now if only someone would kindly help me find a way out of your maze where I got lost. And send some first aid because one of your dragons burned by bottom when I tried to peek over your fence. Who knew reading poetry could be so dangerous.

    • Ina, please delete my comment for me. My poor misplaced attempt at humor really sticks out and doesn’t do proper by your lovely poem. I don’t think I’m very good at commenting, I fear. Thanks!

      • But I like the comment! I don’t see the misplaced part 🙂 and I do think we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously anyway!

        • Thanks. I’m always afraid my sense of humor is out of place, I guess. I was at a meeting the other day at work and someone asked what my role on the team was. I replied “I’m the comic”, my boss just dryly said, “he’s the computer scientist”. 🙂

          • 🙂 I know the feeling, I usually speak
            before I think 🙂
            To have learned and
            understand how a computer works,
            must mean you
            have to see the irony
            of life perhaps…

    • 🙂 lol thank you! And good luck with the bisters…

  5. Angela said:

    Beautiful poetry, Ina!

  6. What a poem of feeling Ina, pure feeling. You have a way of writing which simply demands attention. And that is no rare feet!

  7. What makes this poem, Ina, is its declarative sentences. You are declaring and commanding here, not asking, and the drum beat of the declarative builds an emotional response that resonates with readers. There are all kinds of poetic styles, of course, but this is an excellent example of the declarative style, and it is about love and the discovery that awaits those who love deeply. This is strong work.

    • Hi Thomas
      thank you very much for reading and your wonderful comment. Declarative… now I know what it is called! 🙂

  8. I found a kind of mystical quality to this poem, Ina…even though it has a solid–or as Thomas said–declarative, voice…it seems to transcend through the physical to the immortality of such a love. A very beautiful love poem!

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