Robin’s nest

When Sun sets over sea
and grateful light is spread,
the sky’s still blue or grey
a hundred miles more West.

There was a certain bird
that followed every beam
till such fatigue set in,
then found a ship to rest.

It had no sense of fear,
as sailors let it stay
and sail for hours on,
to travel on its quest.

And when that bird then sang
so far away from home
it made the sailors dream,
that’s when their life was best.

When Sun went down at last
and darkness was around
the bird flew up again
to go back to its nest.

For months it came and went,
a welcome passenger.
The shipmates loved the bird,
to hear it, was a fest.

A day the ship got wrecked
and lives were lost at sea.
The bird, that washed ashore,
had now a bleeding chest.

The Robin stayed on land
and lost its joyful song.
Sometimes it wants to find
the waves and where they crest.

When Sun sets over sea
and Robins watch the sky
it’s where their thoughts have gone:
the sailors whom they blessed.

Near Whitby on the Yorkshire coast is a place called Robin Hoods’s Bay. So I decided to make a little legend 🙂 .


Comments on: "Robin’s nest" (11)

  1. Very nice piece of work Ina – I think I’ve been there once, but not lately!

    • Hi David, thank you very much! I have been driving passed it in a bus from Whitby to Scarborough 🙂

  2. Truly saddened. These emotions were needed. Thanks.

  3. I love stories of all kinds. Legends are among my favorite, though, and this is a wonderful legend. Good work, Ina.

  4. …an eloquent legend, indeed.
    Thank you, inaweblogisback. Your way of writing is

  5. I remember Robin’s Hood Bay…very precious little place…and before I saw your comment below your poem, I felt like I was reading an old folk ballad…a sea shanty…I could hear the melody sung in a raspy but solid seafarer’s voice.

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