Sea meets ocean

There are seas with names
but no one knows where they become oceans,
their waves move on
crossing that imaginative line.

We whispered each other’s names
we have moved from sea to ocean;
you became a bit of me
and I’m a piece of you now.

Our shells will wash ashore beaches
to join many others,
all proof of the silent fusion
that happens under the surface.


Comments on: "Sea meets ocean" (22)

  1. Elaine Randall English said:

    Ina….this is a gem….I so love it…and totally agree with the sentiments involved. Beautiful!

  2. Ina, this is wonderful. I love the image
    It creates of two ( or more ) people coming
    together. Great work, it was nice to wake
    up to this

  3. Ahhh … Ina. If I ever wanted to be awashed on imaginary seas or under deep oceans–transporting my senses, all I need to do is read one of your poems.

  4. Your usual high standard Ina.

    Did you get the invite to my new site.

  5. This is beautiful Ina, the sea has become one big metaphor.

  6. proof of the silent fusion
    that happens under the surface.
    A magic poem, Ina. What a wonderful love poem, but also a poem that embraces the earth. I agree with dfb, David, in this work the sea and ocean have been big metaphors that have the surface meaning of a love poem, but also a deeper meaning, one doing with
    Our shells will wash ashore beaches
    where the life of the sea creates beaches that link together into both the sea of, and the ocean of, the world.

    • Hi Thomas
      thank you very much, it is always such a pleasure to read your comments! 🙂 I suppose the sea is a never ending source for thought.

  7. Ina, this is my new favorite of yours – I just love it! It moved me in a way that’s hard to describe – total resonance with this ocean/sea metaphor. Thank you.

  8. I like the image here, Ina, that seas become oceans without us knowing when – and the parallel you draw with relationships.

  9. Hi John
    thank you for reading! It is true, when do we move from one form of relationship to another, sometimes it is vague…

  10. Those last lines really express something very profound, Ina! Over and over the sea “speaks for you” so distinctly…and I’m sure that will go on and on…

  11. Caddo Veil said:

    This is so lovely, exquisite–anything about the ocean attracts me!

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