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Goodbye (for N)

You were a part of me, my dearest friend,
I often shared your bad times as a child,
you were a tiger, just as brave and wild
and now I heard that your life had to end.

I’d been about these streets in other days
away from all that makes a mind a mess
a holiday from feelings more or less,
of wandering inside this complex maze.

Though while I wandered, you were on my mind,
I heard your voice as if you stood right here.
It was your presence that, so real and near,
was surely of a different, stranger kind.

The mist came up, along a breeze from sea,
a salty smell reminding me of you,
the way the mist in May will always do
like when we both were children, you and me.

The foghorn sounded as a sad salute.
a gull was crying in a raucous prayer,
and all was gone, the mist was everywhere
as well as in my eyes. My thoughts went mute.

A moment there you were, a child again,
a silhouette against the hazy sky.
You lifted your right arm to wave goodbye
and disappeared before the mist turned rain.


Just a bit of May

I go to sleep when all outside is light,
I rise and nothing changed, it’s light out there.
Dreams come with no more darkness, no more night,
no signs of fear or none that I’m aware.

The blackbird sings before I go to sleep
and wakes me up each day at about five.
This time of year, this way, I’d like to keep
in mind as best of memories in life.


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