Archive for April 18, 2012

Forget me, nut

Don’t think of black holes now
but you do now, don’t you,
just because I mention black holes.

Maybe you should close your eyes
and not think of me anymore.
Does this work for you?

Don’t think of me when you eat
your horrid oatmeal
or comb what is left of your hair.

And never think of me in the bathroom.
I shall try not to think of you not thinking
of me in the bathroom too.


NaPoWriMo “Your elsewhere space”

The quiet moment before dawn I cherish,
you asleep and near me, close, but now a bit
estrange, as light has not yet found your face.
I watch you in your elsewhere space
that I can never share with you. I love you
deep, in latest moments of the night.

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