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Ghost – NaPoWriMo

I feel cold breaths that pass my bones
as flesh and blood are there no more.
Now storm and hail batter the shore
my ribs are shattered, falling stones.

As flesh and bones are there no more
a skeleton I am to be.
So hard the truth has come to me
that nothing will be like before.

Now storm and hail batter the shore
I am no more, my ghost is not
the whom I was and you forgot.
I’ll stay unseen for ever more.

My ribs are shattered, falling stones
that drift away over the sea
and no one will remember me,
my flesh, my blood, my shiv’ring bones.

Writing this this morning,I didn’t think of the Titanic, 100 year after the disaster today, only when I wrote the last line, it struck my mind. It must be a coincidence.

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