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Night delivery

I heard the doctor say: “If you jump a bit up and down,
the baby might come quicker, that way,”
so that’s what I did between contractions,
but not indoors, as then the floors would shake.
A house is not built for such drastic actions.

It must have been a strange sight, for those still awake:
a big bellied woman, jumping in the early hours of night.
When I did so, I noticed my neighbour,
a man in his fifties, was doing the same kind of jumps
at the back of his home.

“To have my kidney stone pass!” he panted, “and you?”
I could only nod, out of breath, out of speech.
He talked about health while he started to foam.
“The best remedy!” was his final submission.
Well, we happened to have the same crazy physician.



NaPoWriMo : “Leave the door ajar”

A day like this should always end
with someone reaching for your hand
and knowing that you have a friend.

What shame it is to find your pain
is all that’s left, here to remain
and haunt you over and again.

A friend like this might come no more
into your house, but leave the door
ajar, it can be like before.

Gonecycling (Nick) wrote a fabulous poem in this rhythm, I tried to do one too. Rhyme can be fun! 🙂

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