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A little tragedy outside my window
makes the silence of the evening
scatter, the neighbours run outside
to see what is the matter,
and in the middle of the street
there lies a cat. A very quiet cat,
that fell out of a tree.

“He’s dead,” so much is certain,
so much can now be said.
Some people cry, although this cat was stray
and not of theirs. After long debating,
a plastic bag is fetched, the cat is put in it
and every one goes home.

The neighbour with the biggest heart
carries the bag with due respect.
An hour later I look outside,
it is dark now. In the lantern light,
something is moving,  so I look twice,
to see what’s going on:
A plastic bag is crawling down the street.

Yes, when you have nine lives to live,
you often land right on your feet.


Now I am terrified

Don’t abandon me now, I know I made you mad
I always do somehow, but please don’t go away,
everyone else has gone, see how the darkness folds.
You better stay with me, choose for me and I will
try to shut up in time, I do know how it’s done
I can be a good child, I can be a good wife
I can be your best friend, I can be yours for life
until the very end, please don’t abandon me
now I am so afraid. Now I am terrified.

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