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National Poetry Writing Month – a poem a day for 30 days – “The Note”

In more or less a serious note
that you, my hasty lover, wrote,
you told me that your dreams were fine
since they were of how you’d be mine.
Now honestly, I’ve watched you sleep
so I can tell that you sleep deep,
I doubt you dream at all of me,
or more of what you had for tea;
you smack your lips and burb and grin
and lick the gravy from your chin,
you snore a lot and toss and turn
so much, it is a big concern.
You live in with your folks as well,
and all this in a sweaty smell,
no room is there for me for sure
and I don’t think I could endure
your mother sleeping in that bed
as well as we, when we are wed.
So sorry love, but we are done,
like all your dreams this one is gone.
I write this letter in reply
and end it with a firm goodbye!


This is my first entry for NaPoWriMo.Β Β 

There is an optional prompt, (Carpe Diem poetry, I googled it up) and this is my sort of answer to that. I think my poem One day might be more Carpe Diem perhaps! Hope you will like, happy Sunday and seize the day!

NaPoWriMo is an American event, but I think I can take part as I do have an American publisher? πŸ™‚

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