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To life!

There was a wellness.

I expected nothing, except everything nice
(forever the knight in his white shining armour)
a life in the way it more or less should have been.
I expected nothing though and I never would,
the armour has rusted and is squeaking like hell.
I expected nothing from the promises made,
and got what I expected, so everything’s well.

There were some whispers.

I believed in nothing, except: everyone dies
(forever the hearse passing by my front windows)
as death is the way all more or less will be.
I believed in nothing though and I never would,
my windows need cleaning and my view is with dirt.
I believed in nothing from the promises made.
and got what I believed in, the whispers unheard.

There were memories.

I did forget nothing, except all the bold lies
(forgiven they are, as I now know the truth well)
it’s too late anyway to look further back now.
I did forget nothing though and I never shall
as our vows we renewed and new rings have been bought.
I did forget nothing from the promises made,
and what I remember, I would never have sought.

On a heavy thought

This thought weighs heavily on my shoulder,
won’t be discouraged, comes as he pleases,
staring at me, as one dominant cat.
I didn’t invite him into my house.
He is the chip that won’t leave, won’t learn tricks.
When I sleep, he waits, green eyes in the dark.
But now I found a way to find peace:
Twice a day I feed him with poisoned mice.

Once you were in this book

You were somewhere in the pages
hiding and waiting to be found
while I skipped through the book looking
for answers. I finally saw
where I wouldn’t look: between lines,
between moments to breathe and read,
there you were, I could feel you, sensed
all about you, your skin on mine
I felt your yearning for love. You
were somewhere in the pages, I
found your hiding place when I stopped
reading, and started loving you.

Renewing vows

Renewed is life now it is Spring,
what was in earth, in womb, in tree
unseen and small, is peeping out,
is given birth, is blossoming.

I see the flowers almost here,
my fingers pick the first of them,
I smell the new born lamb, the blood
that lingers on its mother’s rear.

Now sunshine warms up the cold ground
the land is waiting for new life
and sounds of birds are everywhere
as they are mating all day round.

Be here with me in this new way
we start again where we went wrong
be close to me now, make us one;
apart we wouldn’t bloom a day.

I made the photo this morning on a friend’s farm

A goodbye to some thoughts

Some thoughts I leave behind in sea
no longer more a part of me.
They can drift off to other strands,
it’s here where our aquaintance ends
and if they shipwreck somewhere far
I hope it will be where you are.
Please bury them with some respect;
they once were thoughts, of you, in fact.

These men have been here for ever – pantoum

These men have been here for ever in town,
they must be over a hundred or more
in number, and they know all of us well.
Slowly they walk through our streets in the night.

They must be over a hundred or more
as they were here when our grandfathers lived,
knowing them all and their parents as well.
They talk about wars no one remembers.

As they were here when our grandfathers lived,
how come they don’t die like everyone else?
They were in wars no one remembers now.
In dark clothes they stride and peek through curtains.

How come they don’t die like everyone else?
These men have been here for ever in town!


I tried to do a pantoum here, the photo I made in Whitby in pub 🙂 The dog just fell asleep on the bar.

There must be ways – triolet

where no one knows just where we are
there must be ways that end somewhere
no road would ever go this far
where no one knows just where we are
deserted tarmac with no car
as if no drivers ever dare
where no one knows just where we are
there must be ways that end somewhere


photo by Toussaint, Whitby 2012

The wall – a rondeau

I reached this wall, my road must end
as for a wall I came to stand
and there is no return for me
a statue here in time I’ll be
now you have stopped being my friend
and I don’t know why friendship went,
it is so damaged, can’t be mend
what happened is a mystery
I reached this wall.
On friendship I should not depend
too much perhaps, but I defend
the right to love and to be free
in choices where you can not see
my reasons being different.
It ended ‘cause of argument.
And we won’t bow, there’s no more we.
I reached this wall.

this picture, that is me, was made by Toussaint near the Abbey of Whitby. The rondeau is a poetry form I read about this morning, as Nick (gonecycling) did a very beautiful one and I wanted to give it a try too. 🙂

Encounter in rain

Moments after rain had soaked my bones and skin
I noticed you across the street.
You decided so to have a look at me at the same time.

And then, I could not speak. It was the moment where in
movies all is starting, or all ends.

It was March, the light already that of Spring,
but we felt bitter cold as we stood there,
together, with the road between us. Lovers. Friends.

I imagined how the scent of you
was damping from your coat.

We lacked the warmth now,
and I wondered, did you recall how it had been
when we were lovers?

I think you smiled when my mind blushed unseen,
I didn’t dare to watch your face.

You made one step towards me, then
a car came in high speed, a scaring “toot”
and you jumped back into your space.

There was water splashing over you,
you shivered, in deep thoughts again you left for good.
The only thing remaining, was the curving of your neck.


Today my English poetry book “Veritas” is out!

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