Today you felt the Sun as it was new
It touched your face, it made you think
of womb related pre-birth warmth
and pleasures soon to come
as it is Spring.

But see, the Sun has set
in shivers of the sea
and soon this feeling
will be darkened by the night.
Not much on Earth is meant forever.

Comments on: "Today" (14)

  1. jeglatter said:

    🙂 so pretty.:)

  2. As soon as we embrace life it slips away.

  3. There’s a nice truthful philosophy of impermanence here, Ina. ‘of womb related pre-birth warmth’, I like this line, too, reminding me of dreamtime, before we had any cares.

    • Hi David, thank you very much. For most of us, that womb was the safest place I suppose 🙂
      Every night we are allowed some dreamtime, I think we should make the most of those hours lol 🙂

  4. Melancholy (in a positive way) and beautiful Ina.

    “Womb related pre-birth warmth” . So tempting to visit that place – what a lovely phrase!! I know I will remember it.

    Love and hugs xx

    • Hi Christine, thank you very much, that womb thing, I wasn’t too sure lol. But I got the message across I think! 🙂

      Love and hugs xx

  5. “in shivers of the sea”

    Lovely poem, Ina.

  6. ‘Not much on Earth is meant forever.’

    Lovely piece about impermanence, but so good while it lasted.

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