The trees

I walked through dunes in sunny Spring
just passing trees I’ve always known.
I tried to climb them as a child
I buried birds between their roots
I brought my children here to play
and birds made nests up in their tops.

My secret thoughts I shared with them
and here I stayed in hide and seek
my tears were wept in their safe shade
they sheltered me from rain and hurt
their patient movements brought me rest
and I hoped that no tree was cut.

Their branches bended with our lives
as seasons came with frost and rain
and Summer winds dried out their husks;
destroyed by fire, some of them.
When here the young man hanged himself
it was as if I heard them cry.

Comments on: "The trees" (18)

  1. Makes me wish I could get out into the woods more…I used to, but I’ve been stuck in the city lately…

    I was also going to ask you where I could get a copy of your book…I can’t remember now where you said it was available…

  2. This is a terrific atmospheric poem. Particulary with the photo.

    I just wonder if you need that last line.
    You have, after all, shown us that in the rest of the poem.


    • Hi David,
      thank you very much, I am relieved you like this one and found time to comment, that is very kind. The last line, I could remove it if it would make it better. I sort of like it, as a closure repeating the sentiments of the beginning.


      • I liked the others too Ina, but I am struggling a bit this week so only commented on this one.

        I sort of like it too but it seemed unnecessary to me

        Perhaps it would make a very good title 🙂


        • 🙂 lol I just thought they were not okay perhaps.
          (You have no idea how insecure I can get 🙂 )
          Well I hope this struggling means you have a lot
          of nice things to do :), better things than
          commenting! 🙂

          As a title it would be too long. I think.
          Oh well I shall just cut it off lol.

          Arohanui 🙂


          • Ah Ina, I have been suffering with tooth pain all week. but I have been to the dentist today so hopefully it will be better by tomorrow.

            • Oww that is too bad, I hope you get
              rid of the scoundrell!
              (Meaning the tooth!)
              Take good care, and
              I hope you will feel better soon!

              {{{{ David }}}}

  3. Yes, very atmospheric, well expressed poem and I really like the ‘twist’ at the end, leaving you wanting more, which is good.

    • Hi David, thank you very much 🙂 I am pleased you like. It is a true end btw. There was not much more, he died.

  4. The last line threw me Ina, but I would not change it. That incident mixed in with all the fond memories that gather from a lifetime in a place! It gives a certain perspective on life that makes us wonder what is really safe and secure if a place we have integrated into who we are can still end up being a place where tragedy powerfully happens.

    • Hi Thomas, thank you, I appreciate your thoughts very much and I am glad you like the last part, but I had already removed the last line it was another one. Not about the young man. It was an over complete line (“The trees and I we know each other”) that was sort of dangling beneath the poem. 🙂

  5. Beautiful poem Ina and yes I too believe we form a special bond with trees and over the persiod they become part of out life…i used to hug the trees i had in my house when i was growing up..i believe in the last line and the possibility of that inspires me to write…

  6. Hi Soma, thank you very much for your wonderful and inspiring comment. I once “knew” a tree in front of our house and I remember when I was 3, to me it was where God lived.
    Since then a lot happend, I lost my religion, the tree was cut down. But that time was very special 🙂

  7. Trees are my favorite. Thanks for the smile.

  8. I agree with keeping the last line in. I think it gives the poem a sense of waking up from the dream of childhood’s smiles and tears.

    I liked it very much, Ina!

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