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All with no anesthesia

Giving birth never gave me much thought
while expecting, why think about the inevitable
but in between contractions
I could hear the moaning
of centuries of women,
an opera of labour,
I saw them squirm,
smelt them fear,
all feeling the same impossible math
trying to solve the puzzle
of a head getting through a hole
that can’t be stretched so wide
if you think of it
but it can
and time after time
children came out of me
and there was nothing to it.

To life!

There was a wellness.

I expected nothing, except everything nice
(forever the knight in his white shining armour)
a life in the way it more or less should have been.
I expected nothing though and I never would,
the armour has rusted and is squeaking like hell.
I expected nothing from the promises made,
and got what I expected, so everything’s well.

There were some whispers.

I believed in nothing, except: everyone dies
(forever the hearse passing by my front windows)
as death is the way all more or less will be.
I believed in nothing though and I never would,
my windows need cleaning and my view is with dirt.
I believed in nothing from the promises made.
and got what I believed in, the whispers unheard.

There were memories.

I did forget nothing, except all the bold lies
(forgiven they are, as I now know the truth well)
it’s too late anyway to look further back now.
I did forget nothing though and I never shall
as our vows we renewed and new rings have been bought.
I did forget nothing from the promises made,
and what I remember, I would never have sought.

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