The wall – a rondeau

I reached this wall, my road must end
as for a wall I came to stand
and there is no return for me
a statue here in time I’ll be
now you have stopped being my friend
and I don’t know why friendship went,
it is so damaged, can’t be mend
what happened is a mystery
I reached this wall.
On friendship I should not depend
too much perhaps, but I defend
the right to love and to be free
in choices where you can not see
my reasons being different.
It ended ‘cause of argument.
And we won’t bow, there’s no more we.
I reached this wall.

this picture, that is me, was made by Toussaint near the Abbey of Whitby. The rondeau is a poetry form I read about this morning, as Nick (gonecycling) did a very beautiful one and I wanted to give it a try too. 🙂

Comments on: "The wall – a rondeau" (12)

  1. Very nice, Ina!

  2. I am hugely impressed by your ability to take on this form and to make it work.

    Really well done.

    And the picture fits so well with the poem.
    Particularly as I know where it was taken!!


    • Hi David
      Thank you very much. There is a little gate on the right to Caedmon’s Throd 🙂 so there is a way out! lol
      I did the poem after the picture.

      Arohanui 🙂

  3. Both compliment one another.

    • Hi Michael, I am glad you think so!
      I changed the first line btw, to make it a real rondeau, it needed to start with the refrain! ( I overlooked that)

  4. Nick is a master of traditional form, of course. He and John Stevens never cease to amaze me with their skill at craft and art. I am glad to see you do a rondeau and hope to see more in the future, Ina. It is a difficult form that, like a sonnet, puts you into a straightjacket that it takes awhile to work through. The beauty is in the music if the poem is read outloud. I would love to hear you read this work through a sound file. Good work.

    • Hi Thomas, how nice to see you here!
      I think they both are very good poets, and I like reading them. And learning from them!
      All forms of poetry have something interesting, some appeal more to me than others. I have a limited set of words in English, which makes it even more of a challenge for me 🙂 And it is really wonderful if people respond to what I try to do! Thank you very much.

      My Dutch accent is not very nice, but if you like, I will try to do a sound file (I need a quiet room lol, but if I find silence, I will make one and send it by email 🙂 )

  5. And you first attempt is really lovely! The thoughts too…it is so hard when we reach that wall in a relationship…and if we try to climb over it there may well be too big a drop on the other side.

    • Thank you very much Diane. That fall must be scary… I am glad for the little gate door in the pic 🙂

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