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Encounter in rain

Moments after rain had soaked my bones and skin
I noticed you across the street.
You decided so to have a look at me at the same time.

And then, I could not speak. It was the moment where in
movies all is starting, or all ends.

It was March, the light already that of Spring,
but we felt bitter cold as we stood there,
together, with the road between us. Lovers. Friends.

I imagined how the scent of you
was damping from your coat.

We lacked the warmth now,
and I wondered, did you recall how it had been
when we were lovers?

I think you smiled when my mind blushed unseen,
I didn’t dare to watch your face.

You made one step towards me, then
a car came in high speed, a scaring “toot”
and you jumped back into your space.

There was water splashing over you,
you shivered, in deep thoughts again you left for good.
The only thing remaining, was the curving of your neck.

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