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almost there

the moors have been quiet
but I expect eyes
sighs and whispers
movements swiftly in the heather

I don’t mind dwelling here at night
regardless of the weather
I stay here sitting by the cliff
as I feel well at home in restless darkness
yorkshire wise

here forgotten dreams
come back to live with me
and keep me company
in my last hour

I hear the waves
roll on the beach
to bring pebbles
polished smoothly

for no reason

old grave stones rising in the mist
each with a faded name
they tell me
I have been here
only to be forgotten soon
like the bones once buried here
the people no more missed and rotten
but loved by those who
carried them up the cliff to rest

my mind has picked out scenes like this
that I love best to get me through the brightness
of this
my last morning
as light is much too reasonable
unkind to wanderings or ease and never right

I close my eyes now
dusty sunlight
is invading the old abbey
I feel at home
and sleep for ever
here in peace

picture by Ina, Whitby, March 2, 2012

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