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While they await a sudden luck in bait
the gulls are pondering at the Battery Parade.
They’ve got it made. They really have.

There is the admiral, the herring gull
with most authority,
watched by a keen and swift
female Kitiwake
that knows exactly where to lay her eggs
(somewhere in the cliffs over Jump Down Bight).

She smiles at him
and he examines both her legs.
‘Nice bird, but not my sort’ he reckons and he’s right.
As if she cares. She yells that he can go to hell.

Then something else comes up:
a little boy is dropping chips all over
and while he’s crying ‘bout this loss of tasty fries,
more gulls come in, from beach and ships
and how they scream! to have a feast
at his expense and eat his chips.

But then he smiles, forgetting he’s the victim
of sheer robbery, as his mother gets him
an ice cream and a hug. Her sweet perfume is lingering
until the breeze takes it away to sea.

Lovers walk along the quay
and can’t make up their minds as where to eat:
The Pie and Mash, the Magpie, or at Harry’s?
Or maybe just a pint will do, or two, inside the Fleece,
outside the Dolphin or another pub, or give it up and
settle for a view that is amazing.

The Sun is changing sides,
from East to West
across the river Esk,
while a pinkish sky
is reflecting in the harbour.

Hence another day went by in Whitby.

Nothing much happened,
but everything mattered.
Night can come to close shop.

Just a quick visit and update, sorry I am not able to do much else now, just posting this here. We have a dongle lol and time is short! We are still in Whitby and it is our anniversary today. We made a very long walk starting 8 am, over the beach and climbing the cliff and the Sun was shining all day 🙂 So far, we saw 3 museums, Scarborough, a lot of pubs and fantastic scenery!
I also met Belfast David and it was a very nice meeting 🙂 I wrote the start of this poem on the terrace of the Battery Parade café where we met.
Pics (will be) on fb!
Till soon!

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