Spring nights

Dark blue is staying for a little while
as grey has passed away in the last hour.
The light feels better now it ‘s almost night
and geese are flying over our isle.

In nights like this there is no misery
but only gratefulness for being here.
My love is sleeping in my arms till dawn,
what he might dream, will stay a mystery.

And in the morning other birds will sing.
They flew from far to stay till Winter comes.
The morning light is waking up my love,
the room is golden now, the shade of Spring.


Comments on: "Spring nights" (11)

  1. A lovely, gentle love poem.

    Migrating birds are always fascinating too



    • Hi David
      Thank you very much 🙂 I never understood why they don’t stay at the place where they go to in Winter! 🙂

      Arohanui 🙂

  2. Gently done, almost painted Ina! So nice to read.

  3. Must be difficult writing over his shoulders like that… smiles…

  4. This is such a lovely “soft” poem Ina!

    I see it as a photograph where the photographer (professional probably!) has created the soft blurred romantic look around the subject.

    Beautifully golden and romantic

    Love and hugs
    Christine xx

  5. Hi, Ina – This is lovely, and I love this line:

    The morning light is waking up my love

    … because it could mean several things: that the morning light is ‘waking up’; or it’s ‘waking up my love’ (‘love’ being a person); or that it’s ‘waking up my love’ (‘love’ being an emotion).

    ‘The room is golden’ is lovely, too.

  6. So gentle and quiet. I love the last line…it created such a beautiful image for me.


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