My poetry house

For building my thoughts
I have stumbled with bricks
too heavy for me to carry.

The words slip away
they are made of thick muck
not much concrete, more slurry.

On a rainy day
my poetry house
crumbles and falls in slow motion.

I shall not give up
till this language gives in
so I can construct with emotion.


Comments on: "My poetry house" (14)

  1. well written..hope you will weave more creative poems in future.

  2. Oh what a lovely Poetry house Ina..this is just beautiful. 🙂

  3. Nice analogies here, Ina. I think poetry is a bit like building a house. Constructing with emotion is what you are good at.

  4. An interesting, strong image – I like it a lot (except for one word that I’d change – but that’s irrelevant, a personal whim only; it’s your poem, your image, a good one and I enjoyed it).

    • Hi Nick, thank you very much. Please tell me what word you mean! 🙂

      • The word is ‘construct’ in the very last line. I’d put ‘build’ there instead, only because (to my mind) it gives a stronger, more fluid rhythm to the line that would round off the poem nicely. But that’s just me, and it’s a bit cheeky of me even to mention it – so I apologise for that.

  5. I see your words standing alone above the storm.

  6. Yes, very strong and true metaphor here. Very relatable to any creative soul!

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