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hear the wind hauling

hear the wind
when hauling
I always heard
your cry then

with me
in remembrance
if not in thought

it gets darker
now all is over
hope has no symbols
to matter or care
no more

be with me
here is our place
on the shore where
I wrote my last letter

hear the wind
when hauling
and maybe hear
my cry then

Why the bird sang

We know why the bird sang
but there is no need to tell others.
Can this be our secret
a key to the old lock,
(the bird sang just for us
did it not?)

Do you remember that wedding
when we walked around in that park,
all dressed in festive clothes?
We were in a bright sort of heaven,
meeting each other in sunlight with drinks.

This is not why the bird sang.
We might tell so to others
but it would not be true.

Still that wedding of others
where we walked in fine gardens
with a castle nearby
and we all wore white,
was a little like heaven.

If I ever do find you
again at some wedding
in sunlight, or attending
a funeral in the pouring rain
and the bird sings,
look at me again in that way.
We shall make a new secret
to add to the others.

I can keep a secret,
a little bird told me how
when it sang at that wedding.

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