Archive for February 18, 2012


as if it had never been here before
the light after a lovemaking hour
was peeking through the curtains, kissed your face
but you slept on, breathing calmly, your pace.

You turned, while I went to take a shower
only to come back, sleep with you once more.

light slowly leaves us alone to rest.
Your arms around me, I hear your heart beat,
a reminder that all this will go too,
but it is hard thinking of losing you.

I have to forget mortality, need
to think of the now, and hope for the best.

is the word, and I was, I will be
your bride, in the morning, the night, the day
if you’ll have me, forever I shall be
your bride, and you will be lover to me.

Now sleep, I will wait, in my dreams anyway
till you come for more loving, gratefully.


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