Poetry images – 3 poems

Poetry images

I saw words
like little portraits
of noble people
or they were
ballerina’s dancing
and on their shoulders
always a good head
to go with it.

Some were arms
reaching out
for lines of perfection

hands, pointing fingers, angry fists

but only on good days
they became legs to stand on
for more than a sentence
in an overcrowded white sheet of paper.


Words are the keys to many a thought,
opening doors of the mind with their force.

They bring us to places we never sought,
entering spaces of night and remorse.

Words can be shared, stolen, borrowed and bought,
so that we may find the way to our source.

We are between walls

You walk towards and nearer
your feet not making haste
I know your eyebrows rise
opening the door
to let you in this wall.
Again and more so
until morning.

So naked can you be
and still not seen
and still not heard
and still alone
in a crowd
or a bed.

Behind the walls live other people.
Other lives walls leave behind.
Where are we when the door is closed?

Your entrance has amazed me.
Over and over again, it is
you entering me until morning
and still you don’t see me leave
towards, to be inside, the wall.

Comments on: "Poetry images – 3 poems" (18)

  1. all the three are equally good,and you are back into flow of poetic creativity with a bang. How are you, Ina? take care,

  2. I love, in particular, the first one which made me smile.

    I have a lot of notes in my notebook still waiting for legs!!! 🙂

    I hope you are feeling better

    Much Love


    • Hi David,
      while you were commenting here, I was trying to find a way to reply to your reply on my reply on your Feb. poem lol, but I don’t seem to be able to. And now I forgot what I wanted to say.

      Thank you very much! Those legs will grow eventually on your poems!

      Sometimes, esp. in printed letters, words have a way of forming a neat, understandable order by them selves and they make more sense to me when I see them printed somehow.

      I decided to do three for the blog of one 🙂 to see if it was a good idea.

      I am feeling a lot better! And still sleep much 🙂

      Arohanui 🙂

  3. I know why you combined these three poems, but they all had legs to stand on. smiles…

  4. Hoi Ina, very thought provoking poems ! fine write!

    groetjes, Francina

  5. Interesting work Ina. I can’t imagine how you manage to turn out your work so quickly; in the days when I wrote poetry it used to take me days – sometimes weeks – to produce a single poem.



    • Hi Nick

      Thank you very much. A poem usually takes about 20 minutes, half an hour tops, thinking, seeing the image as a whole, and writing, which is all one flow.
      I don’t think I have enough patience to play with it any longer, I always write fast somehow. The sestina’s and long poems keep me busy a bit longer though. But are they good enough to be read? I wonder lol. I don’t want to exhaust my readers!

      Writing fast is good in my proffession as novel writer, it makes me write enough to have an income, not sure it is good for poetry! The poems could probably do with some careful rewriting, but I just can’t find the patience to do it. I do at times try and “safe” a poem for later, but then I forget all about it. 🙂 Maybe I will learn to find the patience in time and they will turn out better 🙂 .

      I just read your haiku, it is very beautiful! I hope you will do more poetry in future!



  6. Great stuff here, Ina, I like them very much and they do work well together.

  7. These are great Ina!

    I love the imagery in the first one.

    You overflow with words, an endless vessel! Quite amazing!

    I am trying to catch up on here; I have had a week of various hospital appointments for my eye and also MS physio. It’s good to rest today!

    Love and hugs xx

  8. As you know, Ina, I mostly post formal poetry with meter and rhyme. This poem, however reminds me of a poem I once wrote, “Wordfest.” It was wilder than these poems are and not nearly as meaningful. I really, really like these. The explores words, which our tools and much of who we are, from three different perspectives, and it leaves us with thoughts, made out of words, that help us understand who we really are. This is beautiful, as Ethel says.

    • Thank you and Ethel very much! I like the formal poetry too, sometimes it adds something to the meaning I think. A sort of comfort? 🙂

      Words are wonderful! 🙂

  9. I love this exploration of the process–including the frustration and fulfillment–of creating with words!

    I especially liked the second one, ‘Words’ finding such a power in the last stanza:

    ‘Words can be shared, stolen, borrowed and bought,
    so that we may find the way to our source.’

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