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I have to be away of keyboard for a bit

Hi all,

because of the fall I took last Friday, the doctor told me today to rest,  lay down a lot  and not be on the computer for a while, so that is what I am doing now. Bummer!

Thank you for reading and your comments!  As soon as I can, I will be back 🙂


Love, hugs and arohanui 🙂

End of journey

Maybe not soon but one day in future
nothing you have learnt from life will matter.
You see yourself in the mirror without
thinking of altering your face or hair
and then you will know that you have found out
what the trip was about in the first place
and you can forget why you sailed away
from those windy quays on rusty trawlers,
going past misty stations in brown trains,
as it was already there, where ever
you went, it was in yourself from day one.

Dead days

When I think of the days of not living
I go to the place buried deep in my skin
where the shivers live, and my sense of death.

And all this with the screaming, words beyond
pain, from the hungry crows on the quay
who want to be in charge of the sea gulls.

Inside of me there is a quay like that
where I can watch shiploads of thoughts enter
only to be chased away by black crows.

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