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don’t closure me

of what we can not speak
I don’t want to write
let the memories
sink away to hell
where they all should be

of what we should not write
I do want to speak
let the freedom of
our minds prevail
the way it should have been

of what I have not said
I don’t want to think
let the silence speak
silence says it well
when the words come short

don’t feel too bad for me
I’ve seen it coming and
it’s not the first time now
I know you have to leave
there’s no alternative

and so what the hell
it is not really if
we know each other well
I see that now
so pack your stuff

and shut the door
it’s been enough
why wait for more
we’ll never blend
were never meant

to be a pair
go anywhere
leave me alone
I shall go on
I’ve always done

she needs you more
the needy one
it’s like before
so go away
no I don’t cry

they’re bits of dust
got them in my eye
pack all you want
yes I can cope
don’t leave your lust

don’t leave the hope
don’t show regret

don’t leave me yet

not yet, don’t


Navy blue pullover

The cold is such that canals freeze
and geese are flying South.

I find your navy blue pullover,
put it on.

The fragrance of you lingers
in the woolen/ cotton fabric,
caressing me softly,
comforting my skin.

I feel your presence
in the sleeves
that fall over my hands.

I feel your arms
everywhere around,
your warmth
surrounding me.

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