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rendez vous

let’s meet here
where the wind is ruler
rearranges landscape
that is shaped by
moving oceans
and high tide

tired waves die calmly on the shore
prior to return in deeper water

nothing seems to last
all does move
sand is blown to form new dunes
while hauling sounds surrounding us
never change their tunes

let’s meet here
when all is almost over
and there is no more
going where the waves die calmly
prior to return in deeper water

meet me halfway on the shore

I need to get me out

I need to get me out
of thisΒ  contemplative mood.
So much has to be done today,
but sunlight is so different now
and clouds keep changing
right before my eyes.
Can I get away
with it and call it


Walking on

Along my walk I stop to listen.
Suddenly I sense the joy
of life surrounding me.
A lark is singing.

Some birds fly over
sharing their bright company.
To be a part of it!

So this is all, this is my truth,
The clutter gone, the air is clean.
I walk on and tree by tree
I’m coming home.

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