January laziness

The afternoon drifted by us.
Calmly we sat,
both with our coffee,
no words needed
as we watched the clouds
and the winter birds pass.

Time to do nothing
but ponder how clouds
and birds come and go,
taking our thoughts
to go with them, from us,
forever and calmly away.
We drifted along with them
just for a bit
to see them off.

Then the phone rang
and the clouds moved on
into darkness.
But one wild goose
remained on a roof top
near a smoking chimney.

There is something to be said
for staying where it’s warm
on a cold Winter’s day
and let others carry away
all weary thoughts.

Comments on: "January laziness" (16)

  1. Poetic thoughts and daydreams…Very nice Ina.

  2. Hi Ina,

    This is just a perfect poem for a lazy Sunday afternoon, very dreamy and cosy.

    The last stanza does it for me!

    Love and lazy hazy dreamy hugs

    Christine xx

    • Hi Christine

      thank you very much. We got a bit of ” twilighting” (schemeren) like my grandparents would do, just sitting and waiting untill it was dark enough to put the lamps on. A moment of the day to reflect, it had something ancient and mysterious to me. 🙂

      Love and hugs 🙂 lol lazy and hazy to you too!

  3. Lovely mood Ina. Perfect for Sunday, without doubt. Love it.

  4. Very relaxing read, Ina…and the last stanza is exactly what I will do with my wintery sunday!

  5. This is a lovely love poem, Ina. But the love goes multiple ways, wrapping us into its magic: First there is the lazy afternoon of companionship, no words needed. That is a love that visits those who have lived awhile in each other’s company and have found in the depths of each other a song that is sung as much in silence as in the talk of everyday. Then there is the love that has a mystical overtone, where the two of you drift with the birds until the phone rings and humanity intrudes on the fullness of the afternoon. But, of course, one bird, sitting on a chimney (another intrusion of humanity into the natural world) pays no attention to the phone and its ringing, but stays perched where its warm, reflecting another kind of love altogether. What a wonderful poem.

    • Hi Thomas, thank you very much for your thoughtful and kind comment. Those moments together are precious. My husband used to be away a lot for working on the mainland, and now he is retired, and a new phase started. I am so glad it works out 🙂 To be together every day was new to me, and the thought somewhat scared me lol. 🙂

  6. There’s a lot to be said for it.

  7. My sort of day!!! 🙂

    Beautiful, gentle, heart-warming poem



  8. A warm, cozy poem, Ina – and I especially love those last 5 lines. There really IS something to be said for letting others “carry away / all weary thoughts”. 🙂

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