The words that linger in my mind, are those
I should have long forgotten, but I chose
to keep them living where they hurt me most,
reminders of the cruelties. I host,
until I find it possible to part
with all distress that makes a bleeding heart,
the words that told me I was not worth love.

my small stone for today 🙂

River of Stones

Comments on: "Last lines of self pity (small stone)" (4)

  1. I too have hung onto that feeling at times. I’ll never understand why we like to wallow in self pity. Sad subject but nice write.

    • Hi Michael, you too huh. I am glad I am not the only one.
      While life is great to me at the moment, I sometimes think I am not even with the past. Some stuff is not finished and I should let go. Difficult 🙂 but I can do it! lol

  2. Lovely Ina – self pity isn’t such a bad thing, not if it helps to create!

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