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Train Thinkings

The train is starting to leave the platform. I look outside, the landscape tells me it is colder now.
Across me sits a woman in no mood to talk, a man is reading in a paper. On the front page a picture of a woman with a veil.
Even she is shutting me out.
And so I wonder off in thought.

What does this all mean? Have I shut out myself as well?

To let in myself
from outside me
what will I find
in the corners
of my mind
once I have dropped
my veils for myself?

With my luck, probably a king size mirror.
The thought makes me smile out loud.

The man puts down the paper, the woman starts to talk.
I now see that they are together.
“It is getting colder,” I say, as their eyes have made me their accomplice. And within a minute, we are discussing
climate and the sixties, when Winters were real. But last year was severe as well. Yes it was.

The paper, now redundant, lies open, a picture showing a smiling face.
A winking eye.
They reach their destination.
The paper and I have a long way still to go.

The train shows how we changed the world since then
but do you care much, hidden in your book?
You travel best without having to look
at landscapes being filled with filth of men.
I notice that you lick your lips at times
and watch you smile because of prose you read.

Then there’s a second, where our eyes do meet.
You speak. “I don’t like poetry that rhymes,”
you say. “Do you?” and I search in my mind
to find an answer that is true yet kind
as you have eyes that make me love this train.
“I do at times,” I say, then you read on.
The splendor of the moment now is gone,
the world has changed some more and we have rain.

The train is going slower
due to another train in front of us.
At 3 pm, it is already getting darker.
In the window I see myself, but older now.
So much to think about
of how lucky, glad I feel
and why it is that I am happy;
a word no poet ever seems to use.
Counting my blessings,
not leaving you out by the way,
I watch the grey turn into black.
Still so glad I live, a feeling
too mundane for poetry?

I’ve known times that were not really mine,
when I couldn’t live my own life.
All it took to change, was stepping out
of stupid situations, getting no where.

The train is speeding up
and my thoughts are slowing down
into the deeper meaning
of acceptance.



This is an experiment: I have combined 2 poems and a “prosety” piece into one. The prosety part is new, the poems were published here earlier : “Strangers on the train”, Jan. 22, and “Accepting some delay” Dec. 2. Please let me know what you think! 🙂

Children in a grave yard

We looked for names in the grave yard that day
and found some, distant related maybe.
We dwelled for a while amidst the old stones,
nothing sad in our heart and we giggled.

Then there she was, an old black, green-eyed cat
just staring at us, demanding respect.
The cat was so right that we silently left.
Behind stayed our laughter, in the grave yard.

Last lines of self pity (small stone)

The words that linger in my mind, are those
I should have long forgotten, but I chose
to keep them living where they hurt me most,
reminders of the cruelties. I host,
until I find it possible to part
with all distress that makes a bleeding heart,
the words that told me I was not worth love.

my small stone for today 🙂

River of Stones


not necessarily we are strangers
maybe a smile would alter that right now
if we could forget about the dangers
and if only we could remember how.


I am very honoured to have been nominated / given these awards recently:

The Kreativ Blogger award, by  bardessdmdenton  who has a beautiful blog, combining her poetry and drawings/paintings. According to her, the number of nominees for this award is up to me 🙂

The One lovely Blog Award by Francina, who has a wonderful blog with English and Dutch poetry! There apparently are no real rules for this award and there are no requirements for how many nominations should be spread.

The Genuine Blogger Award by Betty Hayes Albright raindancepoetry a great poet,  no rules for this award and there are no requirements for how many nominations should be spread also.

and while I am working on this posting, Parry, again a wonderful poet, gave me the Versatile Blogger Award

which I already was nominated for, so I just put the link to my posting here if you don’t mind : versatile blogger award posting

I would love to pass these awards on (and this list will be longer in future! ):

The Kreative Blogger Award:

Francois Bergh , 

Michael’s Liar (booguloo)

The One Lovely Blog Award:

Journey into Poetry (Christine)

The Genuine Blogger Award:


fred whitehead

Journey into Poetry (Christine)



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