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Strangers on the train

The train shows how we changed the world since then
but do you care much, hidden in your book?
You travel best without having to look
at landscapes being filled with filth of men.
I notice that you lick your lips at times
and watch you smile because of prose you read.

Then there’s a second, where our eyes do meet.
You speak. “I don’t like poetry that rhymes,”
you say. “Do you?” and I search in my mind
to find an answer that is true yet kind
as you have eyes that make me love this train.

“I do at times,” I say, then you read on.
The splendor of the moment now is gone,
the world has changed some more and we have rain.

Lasting truth

To find the truth in you and make it last,
your eyes reflecting what has been unsaid,
a mere reminder of your troubled past,
your shoulders tired of your weary head,
to see the pain in you that hasn’t gone
it all is there in every close embrace.
I feel now time and aging must have won
your mind is drifting to another place.

Then, like a flower on a Winter’s day
it is your smile, that makes the sadness fade,
and joy is felt, your past drifted away,
new truth is now another memory made.

I made the pic of the Marigolds blooming on Jan. 20. They inspired me to the poem about old age.

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