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The light for evening eyes

I see you in the light for evening eyes
when daylight’s done and candles shine near you.
The sharpness of the day that wants no lies
is gone, now rules another sort of  true.
I hear you speaking lower than in day
as if the dark outside has urged you to
be quiet for the danger that well may
be threatening our splendid  time for two.
Those  evenings spent with you in gentle pace
is all I need to make me leave the day
with nothing needed, and nothing to do
just watching you, your eyes, your evening face
while light is fading,  no more words to say.


 I made this photo this afternoon standing on the dune behind our home. The ferry that left Harlingen at 3 pm, is about to enter port. If you click on the image, it gets sharper. More photo’s on facebook.

Till then (small stone)

I watch you watch the clouds go by
and geese going the same speed
I see the longing in your eye.
Will they come back, and will we meet?

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