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alone I walk

alone I walk over a silent beach
where once we played as children
our footprints are no longer here
but I keep looking for them still
each of our childhood days I find
in sand and salty memories in time

Moment of silence

Only whispers of the breeze
we hear, a sea that is resting now,
and we feel the first light
from the Sun after the storm
touching our skins.

I am grateful to capture
this moment
of silence
for us.

I made this photo January 8,  Terschelling

trust (small stone)

as a child,
I told my aunt
I felt like crying
and she said
go ahead
if that is
what you want to do
I understand

she understood
that it meant
I trusted her
enough to show my tears
no explanation needed

never before
I got to cry
with someone present
who asked not
and now she is no more
I feel like crying

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