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I watch the sad clouds move over the sea
while sand is blowing you out of my mind.
I’ll worry no longer of what has been
but go with the gulls that fly in the storm,
onwards, away and forever myself
and the golden sun is returning now.

Trying to forget I am lost here now,
I’m standing near the black turbulent sea
thinking how much there still is in myself
that I don’t know, discovering my mind.
On and on waves are rolling in this storm.
I walk on, to where I have never been.

We could have had love, and we could have been
together, watching these gulls leaving now,
see them flying bravely towards the storm.
We’d sit on a dune thinking of the sea.
Not a worry, not a care on my mind
and I could have had you all to myself.

But I am not here now to think of myself.
Pondering over all that might have been,
I decided you are gone from my mind,
so why should I keep wanting you here now
as if it would be: you, me and the sea
both sheltering in your coat from the storm.

To blow away these thoughts I searched the storm
but I can’t always keep fooling myself
this is what was whispered over the sea:
It was in vane, I never should have been
here, thinking I was over you by now,
as the truth is you haven’t left my mind.

Just as I am starting to doubt my mind,
a man, you, walk towards me in this storm
and you spread both your arms to hug me now.
You know me better than I know myself
and knew this was the place I would have been.
Your coat around us both, we watch the sea.

photo made by my son Tossing

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