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Forbidden loving

Now you have painted, eaten: digest me.
You brought your seed to life in my body;
we are no strangers colliding by chance,
nor can we be anonymous lovers.
Everywhere we’ll have a live connection
now you have painted, eaten bread, and seen.

I shall not try to keep you here unseen
where you are only a lover to me,
since to the world you are my connection
guarding over this house and my body,
let them know, let all know we are lovers
tell them our love is deserving a chance.

All we both ever needed was a chance
to make the world be ours as we had seen.
Stay longer than usually lovers
are together, embrace me, entice me
so I will be more me than my body
and our craving will be our connection.

While you touch me, I feel this connection
as now we are given our second chance
making love undisturbed by somebody.
With all of nature surrounding and seen,
I surrender to feeling you take me
away into the world of free lovers.

We had to secretly become lovers,
trying so hard to hide the connection
between yourself, love, our hide out and me,
hoping we would not hurt anybody
as long as our love was not to be seen,
but now we have prove we do need a chance.

You painted, ate bread and loved my body,
in sea blue veils we were silent lovers,
closing our eyes, so it was better seen
where in our minds lied our true connection
knowing there we would both have a chance
for romance, you, my only love, and me.

image: Ina

And I moved on

And I moved on
as if nothing happend
and nothing happend
as if I moved on.

But the tree knows me
and knows this will pass
as change is in the air.

There is a storm coming up.
Nothing will be the same

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